Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our main unit has a 1.5 Tesla magnet, and is used for imaging all parts of the body.

Technologist Staff

Bill is one of our registered technologists who may be providing your radiological imaging care. 

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Stockton MRI has been providing full MRI services since 1991. 

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What is MRI and how does it work? MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and uses a computer to interpret information from a giant magnet. The traditional MRI machine looks like a short tunnel with a narrow bed in it. The patient should wear loose clothing and must empty his/her pockets of metallic objects, credit cards, or any object which might be affected by the MRI's powerful magnetic field. The patient lies down on the bed, then the bed is moved into the tunnel surrounding the patient with four magnetic coils and the components of a transciever. The giant magnetic coils around the cylinder generate a magnetic field which lines up the body's hydrogen atoms. A radio wave pulse is sent which causes the hydrogen atoms to vibrate. The computer measures the speed at which the hydrogen atoms return to normal and uses that information to create an image of the patient's body on a computer monitor.

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