Our History

Stockton MRI Medical Center Inc. opened in August 1991 with the most advanced 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment available at the time from General Electric, a global leader in medical imaging equipment. Over the next few years, this original unit had kept up with the advancements in MRI technology through several upgrades since the initial installation. Stockton MRI Medical Center was one of the first MRI centers in California to pass the rigorous requirements of the American College of Radiology for accreditation.

In 1996, we added a General Electric Spiral Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner to complement our commitment for high resolution cross sectional imaging.

By the end of 2002, Stockton MRI was the first imaging center in the region to establish an internet website, providing doctors and patients with information about our services as well as education about the imaging modalities to the general public. This website evolved over the years, soon providing advanced online services for referring physicians including image and report access.

In summer of 2003, a major restructuring of our imaging center was undertaken. We added a new building for housing the first PET-CT scanner  in northern California, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasonography. Accordingly we extended our name to: Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging Medical Center, Inc.

By early 2006, Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging became an approved registered PET facility with the National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR). We were the first medical center in the region able to provide PET-CT imaging for a wide range of cancer types which were previously not covered by Medicare.

In 2007, Stockton MRI increased our digital radiography services, providing x-ray procedures on a patient walk-in basis, as well as daily outpatient fluoroscopy procedures.

In 2008, we added an additional x-ray machine in order to help reduce the waiting times of patients. 

In September 2009, Stockton MRI installed the first and only 128-multislice CT scanner in the region, continuing to provide advanced medical imaging while prioritizing the lowest radiation doses as well as faster scan times to increase patient comfort and diagnostic accuracy.

In early 2010, we began to provide online access to referral services for physicians, allowing your doctor to easily coordinate scheduling your appointment a following up your results. By this time, doctors already had access to view and study patient scan images.

In March 28, 2010, an early sunday morning fire destroyed one of the main buildings of Stockton MRI containing the two MRI machines. However, all of our other services remained fully operational with minimal interruption, and we were soon able to continue providing needed MRI services to the community with a temporary mobile MRI unit.

Our extension office was opened in the Calmont Medical Building down the street at 2800 N. California St., adding another convenient location for patients who need x-rays on a walk-in basis.

In 2011, a brand new 1.5 Tesla 16 channel GE EchoSpeed MRI scanner became operational, installed into our existing center, as we continued to provide advanced faster imaging with increased patient comfort.  We also improved our ultrasound technology, providing vascular, 3D, and 4D imaging with the newest GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound scanner.

Today, Stockton MRI continues our commitment to quality care by maintaining our full accreditation. The Intersocietal Accrediation Commission (IAC) has awarded Stockton MRI full accreditation in the following areas:  We are a fully Accredited Magnetic Resonance Facility (ICAMRL division), a fully Accredited Computed Tomography Facility (ICATL division), a fully Accredited PET Facility (ICANL division), and a Fully Accredited Comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Facility (ICANL division).

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